Wasteland Twinning


Wasteland Twinning is an international project that aims to develop an understanding of the potentials of urban wastelands through cross-disciplinary models of artistic practice.

Thanks to Tim Voss and Ansgar Reul we participated in first and second editions of the project.

First Edition:

Date: 1st of July at Werfkade/Amsterdam Noord.

The first edition was postponed a week later by organizers due to bad weather conditions and therefore most of the artists at the program couldn’t be present. In the first edition Pirate Cinema’s installation couldn’t be there but we tested our green electric system successfully by supplying a music band for an hour plus two hours of music played from a LP player.

Read a short report on Wasteland Twinning website.

Second Edition:

Date: 27th of July at Houthavens/Amsterdam West.

Pirate Cinema installation was completed for the second edition. For our program we invited: Yaniv Schonveld, Monstress band and Jeffrey Babcock. Yaniv Schonveld (Sonologist) transformed the bike installation to an instrument where he played music by pedalling, arching on wheel spokes and mix table. Monstress played about an hour of live stonerock music and Jeffrey Babcock programmed three excellent short films for the night.

Approximately 90% of energy consumption of the event was produced by green energy equipments of Pirate Cinema.

Read a short report on Wasteland Twinning website.

Wasteland Twinning edition two Amsterdam from Pirate Cinema on Vimeo.