Todays Art


Date: 27th Sep. 2013
Name of the project: Pirate Cinema at Todays Art Festival
Location: Pip The Hague
In collaboration with Laura Abbing from UHM initiatives

UHM in their invitation email wrote: ‘The combination of mobility, accessibility, eco-friendliness and co-creation in this project are related to the contemporary need to jointly find other approaches for regular and fixed structures. Supporting and challenging the resilience of art and artists.’ Participating artists: Mercedes Azpilicueta en Ohad Ben Shimon, Dóra Benyó, Tjeerd Oudehand, Pia Louwerens, Amir Tirandaz, Lisanne Ackermann, Saskia Burggraaf, Sandra Walusimbi Nanteza, Iris Donker. Veniamin Kazachenko. Josje Hattink