Migrant Cinema Journey


To read more about the Migrant Cinema Journey please see page 26 on ‘Pirate Cinema On The Move 2014′ docuement.
Migrant Cinema is a concept by Ehsan Fardjadniya (1980, Iran, in NL sinds 2000, Visual Artist) as a sub-project of Pirate Cinema. Migrant Cinema is a journey by car starting from Amsterdam, visiting the most European buffer zones, where the most immigration traffics are. The Most southeast  stop is FiSahara International Film Festival and then returning through Tunisia to Italy, visiting Florence the way  for a later project at MUDI Museum and back to Amsterdam.
Participants of the tour are artists and filmmakers who work on topics such as immigration, colonization, territorialization and history of racism , slavery and liberation. We work not per se with filmmakers but with artists that use film and multi-media installations. The audio and video footage  that are shot during the tour will be used collectively in the CINEDOMA.