Magneet Festival 2013



Music bands in the pictures: Lumiere, Stop-contact and Max Messer
Special thanks to Jesse Meijer for programing music events

Name of the Project: Pirate Cinema at Magneet Festival
Dates: Aug. 23d till Sep. 15th. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Magneet Festival is a music, dance and visual arts festival. We take this general atmosphere of the festival, public requests and expectation into consideration with our programming. We invited life music bands, performances, audio visual artists and VJs. By organising rehearsals during the week we create an space for artists to experiment with new ideas and add creatively to the surround-audio and cinematographic experience of Pirate Cinema Dome. We also took a very active role in ‘Greenland’ concept of Magneet Festival by producing more than 60% of our electricity by solar panels and pedal power and also organising bike recycling workshops. Thanks to many colleagues who worked voluntary on our 5.1 surround sound and full dome projection system we created an overwhelming and intensive audio visual, cinematic and theatrical experience, different than the rest of the festival tents. The outcome was unseen, unexpected, disorienting and at the same time a new experience much appreciated by the high percentage of the public. Artists whom performed in the dome found it a very inspiring stage due to technical possibilities and indeed a different setting due to the position of stage in the middle of the dome. By doing so performing artists aren’t unreachable but in the middle of their public. The public can see almost everything that happens in the dome, the sound comes from all around you and everyone that moves is part of the show.