‘In & Out Japan’ at Eye Film Museum Amsterdam



Julian Ross curate ‘In and Out Japan’ as part of E*Cinema program at Eye Film Museum and invited us to perform  Shinkichi Tajiri’s ‘Bicycle’ film (1960, Amsterdam) on CINECYCLE and re-Perform  ’Iro / Colour’  by Takahiko Limura (1962-63, 9 min). During the film performance, Iimura slowly cut’s through the jacket of the other performer, in the shape of the projection to expose the skin of his back to the projection of the film. 

An essay on Iimura’s ‘Film performances’ by Julian Ross, can be read on MoMA’s online resource post: http://post.at.moma.org/content_items/290-circle-the-square-film-performances-by-iimura-takahiko-in-the-1960s

An interview of Takahiko Iimura by Julian Ross:

For research and archive material visit E*cinema blog: