CINEDOMA is a spherical shape geodesic dome (12 diameter x 4.5 m height) in which public is surrounded by a screen (inner layer of the tent) and five speakers surround sound system. This enable us to work simultaneously with multi and full-dome screenings to create a collage of static, moving images and live drawings, using video, slide and overhead projectors. We mostly combine the screenings with theater (See DUTCHMAN) or performances.
All the energy consumption of the performances in the dome is produced by an mobile energy resource trailer consist of batteries (18KW), pedal generators, solar panels. Right now we are working on more clean energy productions like wind turbines, and gasifiers.
CINEDOMA’s raison d’être is the expansion of cinematic experience that emerges to be an multi-media art stage. CINEDOMA aspires to achieve a world tool for international art and education: CINEDUCATION. Through the expansion of cinema by audio-visual, multi-disciplinary performances and cinematic experiments all in same we create a space of Metacinema where your mind is a screen and you watch with your brain!