55th Venice Biennale, Maldives Pavilion


Name of the project: Maldives Pavilion, Portable Nation
Dates: May 29th – June 9th, Every night one hour short videos/ films screening
Link to interview on Maldives Pavilion website: http://maldivespavilion.com/blog/fardjadniya-ehsan/
Link to program PDF: goo.gl/zOuQ43

We received an invitation to participate in Maldives Pavilion due to portability, concern about ecology and public space events that we organised with Pirate Cinema project.
We selected films with an open submission letter to video artists and experimental filmmakers whom their work is related to nature, ecology and global warming. From more than 50 submissions we select 20 short films and video works for screening.
We needed to adapt Pirate Cinema installation according to geography and urban architecture of Venice, which is a city with no roads for cars and bikes. Similar to what local people of Venice use to carry their cargo through the city we build Pirate Cinema on a trolly. We also want to manifest our portability by using public transport in The Netherlands and Euroline buses to travel through Europe. This performative act of traveling was intended to emphasis on Portable Nation subject of the Pavilion and real life situation for the population of Maldives islands that deals with major threat of floods.