About Us

Pirate Cinema is an ongoing project initiated by Ehsan Fardjadniya (visual artist) in 2012 in Amsterdam. Pirate Cinema acts as a catalyst for social happenings, gatherings, and meetings, to arouse conditions for new relations, ideas and interactions to happen. We also create and use those environments as hubs and tools for a new creative education. For example CINEDOMA’s raison d’être is to expand into a new kind of cinema and cinematic experience that emerges to be an multi-media art stage. With CINEDOMA, Pirate Cinema aspires to achieve a world tool for international art and education through the expansion of cinema by audio-visual, multi-disciplinary and cinematic experiments all in the same space. In the space of Metacinema your mind is a screen and you watch with your brain!

With Pirate Cinema we work on communities empowerment through art, cinema, cultural happenings and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) technologies of electricity productions for events to happen. Our primary goal is to free the knowledge and educational tools locally and internationally, in the most unexpected areas as well as in remote communities. The chosen location of our event are mostly outside established institutions although sometimes in close collaboration with them. We see cultural events as the creator of public space outside institutions in which often social codes of behaviours are too determined and stricken. For example how many times did you go to cinema or museum and found the momentum to meet new people and talk to them? It is also the architecture and interiors of those spaces (like cinema or theater’s row of chairs) that often don’t allow spontaneous situations and contacts to happen. Those interactions and meetings might happen more often in the open-air festivals but unfortunately the very commercialisation of those events erode the educational and creativity potentials.
With Pirate Cinema initiative, we are motivated to devote our time to initiate independent alternative artistic happenings, festivals, human right film screenings and make it happen.

In the last two years, we produce and develop few autonomous mobile stages to make our activities possible in urban spaces and interact with our public. Next to the priority of cultural programmings, durability, sustainability, Do-It-Yourself, and green energy production of those mobile stages are very essential for Pirate Cinema project.

We proudly present: